locke_2013 Locke Rowe, Principal Investigator
Professor, Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Ecology, Research Associate, Royal Ontario Museum
David Punzalan , UofT Postdoctoral Fellow
with the ROM and EEB
David’s research interests focus on interactions between ecological and genetic factors. My questions typically revolve around two central themes: 1) the predictability of phenotypic evolution and 2) the potential for genetic constraints on adaptation.
gus480 Augustin le Bouquin, PhD Candidate
Gus studies evolutionary developmental biology working with the genus Rheumatobates where a variety of elaborate traits in males have evolved quickly in response to sexual conflict.
Sean Clark, PhD Candidate
Sean is investigating the effects of sexual selection on mutation load in Drosophila melanogaster.

Lab Technician

Bill Cole

Recent  Visitors

Howard Rundle University of Ottawa, Canada
Peter Andolfatto Princeton University, USA

Current Collaborators

Abderrahman Khila CNRS, Lyon, France
Ehab Abouheif McGill University
Göran Arnqvist Uppsala Universitet, Sweden
Jen Perry -NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at The Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology, Oxford, U.K.
-Winner of the ASAB 2015 Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator.  more…
Troy Day Queen’s University

Undergraduate Students

  • Radana Molnarova
  • April Patmanathan
  • Lauren Malatesta


Postdoctoral fellows

Margo Adler
Margo is interested in environmental effects on traits. Currently Post-doctoral researcher at the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre at UNSW Australia (Dr. Angela Crean & Assoc. Prof. Russell Bonduriansky)
Abderrahman Khila Abdou is an Associate Professor at CNRS, Lyon, France
Nicolas Svetec Nico is now a Postdoctoral Fellow with David Begun at UC Davis
Shannon McCauley Shannon is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Mississauga
Tristan A.F. Long Tristan is an Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada
Steve Proulx Steve is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Dick Repasky
Andrew Given Andy worked on developing markers for paternity and population studies of water striders
Frank Johansson Frank is a Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden
Patrick Lorch Pat is an Assistant Professor at Kent State, Ohio
Jean Richardson Jean is a Research Associate at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, British Columbia
Lock Rogers Lock is an Assistant Professor at Agnes Scott College, Georgia
Steve Vamosi Steve is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary
Amber Budden Amber is a Postdoctoral Fellow at NCEAS, Santa Barbara

Graduate Students

Stephen De Lisle, Completed PhD 2016
Ecological aspects of sexual dimorphism. Stephen is currently on post doctoral fellowship at Lund University, Sweden with Erik Svensson.
Lucia-grad Lucia Kwan, Completed PhD 2015
Lucia is interested in the role of sexual selection in the evolution of genitalia.
Celina Baines, Completed MSc 2014
Celina is interested in the factors that influence dispersal in aquatic insects.Now a PhD Candidate with Shannon McCauley  at UTM
Olivera Joksimovic, Completed MSc 2015
Olivera is interested in the evolution of body size in amphibians.
Now lab tech at UofT St. George
Penelope Gorton,  Competed MSc 2014
Penelope is currently Lecturer, BIO120/220 Coordinator
Minyoung Wyman Min is now a post-doctoral fellow with Trevor Price at the University of Chicago
Jen Perry Jen is an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at The Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology, Oxford, U.K.

Congratulations Jen Perry on winning the ASAB 2015 Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator.  more…

Caitlin Dmitriew Cait is an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at Sheffield University
Paul Williams Paul is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Alan Hastings at University of California, Davis
David Punzalan David is a Research Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Elah Feder Elah is Project Co-ordinator for the Sustainability Office at U of T
Trevor Pitcher Trevor is an Associate Professor at the University of Windsor
Erin Cameron Erin went on to do a PhD at McGill with Graham Bell
Yun Cheng Yun went on to teach high school science in Toronto
Jon Mee Jon has gone to UBC for a PhD with Eric Taylor
Russell Bonduriansky Russel is a Professor at the University of New South Wales, Australia
Michelle Tseng Michelle is now managing editor of Evolutionary Applications
Amaya Ortigosa Amaya went on to be a science teacher in Edmonton
Sarah Kalhok Sarah became an environmental consultant in the Yukon
Janice Ragsdale Janice went on to do a PhD in Utah
Kathleen Westlake Kate went on to work in health sciences in Toronto

Some Recent Undergraduate Students

Lauren Malatesta
Rosemary Martin
Diana Sharpe
Natalia Sokolovska
Abigail Fernandes
Tamar Baluja
Andrea Laboni
Angus McAuslan
Steph Weinstein
Anna Simonsen
Jeanette Kroshko
Jill Wheeler
Justin Carroll
Kelly Boyle
Michelle den Hollander
Adam Dobkin
Fiona Sun
Nicole Mideo
Nancy Barker
Blake Turner
Mohan Couray
Alya Ahsan
Anna Gosline
Kevin Sha
Crystal Vincent
Tracy Michalak
Andrew Colgoni
Ying Wang
Inga Roedenbeck
Crystal Tse
Patrick Schaefer
Delara Jalalian
Amanda Fernandes
Melanie Croydon-Sugarman
Divyang Patel
Mackenzie Urquart-Cronish
Li Yun
Sarah Qidwai
Greg Giberson
Lyly Chung
Jimmy Deng
Kurt Hartung
Zoryana Gorin
Katie McGhee
Mohamad Hamiah
Michelle Ku