New Paper
Punzalan D and Rowe L. 2017. Hybridization and lack of prezygotic barriers between Phymata pennsylvanica and americana. Ecological Entomology 42: 210-220. DOI: 10.1111/een.12380


Punzalan, David, and Locke Rowe. (2016) Concordance between stabilizing sexual selection, intraspecific variation, and interspecific divergence in Phymata. Ecology and Evolution

Welcome Augustine le Bouquin
New PhD student.  Jointly supervised by Dean Locke Rowe and Prof. Abderrahman Khila


De Lisle, S.P. and L. Rowe.  (2015). Ecological Character Displacement between the Sexes. The American Naturalist, Vol. 186, pp. 693-707. DOI: 10.1086/683775

Punzalan, D. and L. Rowe.   Evolution of sexual dimorphism in phenotypic covariance structure in Phymata.  Evolution  doi: 10.1111/evo.12680

Paper Writing session May 2015
Teresa and Margo (Rowe Lab Sydney Chapter) meets to discuss progress on manuscript writing.

The F1000 Faculty recognize
De Lisle & Rowe’s recent Proceedings paper Independent evolution of the sexes promotes amphibian diversification
worthy of inclusion in F1000Prime

Jen Perry wins 2015 ASAB New Investigator Award
Congratulations Jen on winning the 2015 Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator.

Wilkinson, G. S., Breden, F., Mank, J. E., Ritchie, M. G., Higginson, A., Radwan, J., … & Rowe, L.
The locus of sexual selection: moving sexual selection studies into the post-genomics era. Journal of Evolutionary Biology

De Lisle, S.P. and L. Rowe.
Independent evolution of the sexes promotes amphibian diversification. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282: 20142213. PDF

De Lisle, S.P. and L. Rowe.
Parasitism and the expression of sexual dimorphism. Ecology and Evolution View online

Kwan, L., M. Fris, F.H. Rodd, L. Rowe, L. Tuhela , T.M. Panhuis. An examination of the variation in maternal placentae across the Genus Poeciliopsis (Poeciliidae). Journal of Morphology

Perry, J. C., & L. Rowe. 2014 The evolution of antagonistic phenotypes. In: W. Rice, S. Gavrilets, editors. The Genetics and Biology of Sexual Conflict. New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. PDF

Wyman, M. J., & L.Rowe. Male bias in distributions of additive genetic, residual, and phenotypic variances of shared traits.  The American Naturalist, 184: 326-337. PDF

Poster Award
June 2014
Stephen De Lisle wins the ASN Ruth Patrick Student Poster award at Evolution. Congrats!

Defense June 2014
Celina Baines successfully defends her Master’s. Congratulations Celina!

New Paper June 2014
The interactive effects of competition and predation risk on dispersal in an insect
Read it here

New Paper May 2014
The effect of epistasis on sexually antagonistic genetic variation.
Read it here

New Paper May 2014
Interactive effects of competition and social environment on the expression of sexual dimorphism.
Read it here



Min Wyman et al. publish in JEB: A multivariate view of the evolution of sexual dimorphism. Read it here

Taking the science world by storm!
Lucia’s latest work is featured on LiveScience, ‎National Geographic’s Phenomena, and U of Ts Media Room! You can read the original paper here.

De Lisle & Rowe publish in American Naturalist: Correlated evolution of allometry and sexual dimorphism across higher taxa. Read it here

Lucia wins the outstanding TA of the year award. Congrats!

Stephen publishes a short essay in Science, as part of their NextGenVOICES series. See his essay

Minyoung Wyman (PhD) and Penelope Gorton (MSc) successfully defend their theses! Congratulations!

Caitlin Dmitriew, former PhD student, is awarded an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations Cait!

Jen Perry, former PhD student, wins the American Society of Naturalists Young Investigator Prize. Congratulations Jen!

Lucia Kwan wins the 2012 Ramsey Wright award. This award is made to senior PhD students with particularly strong contributions to research and the life of the department. Congratulations Lucia!

Abderrahman Khila, former Postdoctoral fellow of Locke Rowe and Ehab Abouheif (McGill University), heads a team at Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon studying developmental genomics and evolution.

David Punzalan is now a Research Associate at the Department of Natural History, Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Older news
Penelope Gorton wins 2nd place for best student talk at CSEE. Congrats!

David Punzalan starts a post doctoral fellowship at The University of Exeter.

Caitlin Dmitriew is starting a post doctoral fellowship in Zurich at Institute of Evolutionary Biology
Universität Zürich-Irchel with Prof. Wolf Blanckenhorn.

Jen Perry is awarded an NSERC post doctoral fellowship.

Jen Perry successfully defends her PhD thesis. Congratulations Jen!

Penelope Gorton, who is starting a MSc. in the Rowe lab, is awarded a Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) from NSERC.

Russell Bonduriansky is now a lecturer and Australian Research Fellow at University of New South Wales.

Russell Bonduriansky wins the prestigious Dobzhansky Award (2006).